Horizontal Waterfalls of Kimberly and Western Australia –Great Experience

Make your next holiday destination a unique one with a visit to the Kimberly coast of Western Australia. Unique, because you can witness the amazing horizontal waterfalls in the Kimberly region! These horizontal waterfalls tours will take you through the rising tides of waters as they gather momentum and gush in the gaps between the huge gorges. It could be a breathtaking experience, and you can even watch this rare phenomenon from the air; thanks to the air taxi type of operations you can hire in these parts.

Horizontal Waterfalls Tours

Extraordinary Visuals and Thrilling Moments Await You

The experience of watching these waterfalls in Kimberly will make any tourist feel out of this world and your next trip should include a visit to the horizontal waterfalls Australia has. The specialist tour operators here will offer you a number of options, including different means of transport. If you were to go by the reviews posted by the visitors who have had the pleasure of making these horizontal waterfalls tours, you will observe that the turbo prop seaplane is one such option. You can make the plane sit on the water and watch the waters flow beneath, rising every few metres giving the waterfall effect, which is visible to the naked eye. The pilot would then fly over the area and make your spirits soar to another level with those scenes below. There is hardly any visitor who would not come back with some unforgettable moments etched firmly in their minds. Just reading these posts will make you look for a pen to mark the date for your travel to Western Australia at the first available opportunity.

Horizontal Falls Spread Over a Few Spots in the Same Area  

Having chosen to make it to Kimberly and take a look at the horizontal waterfalls, you need to make the bookings for the place of stay. You would then want to know the best horizontal waterfalls tours so that you can make a booking for that as well. Try and find the operator who gives you a round tour to Kimberly, King Sound and Broome. The best ones in the business would offer you a liftoff from near your place of stay in a seaplane. Also, when you reach the waters at Kimberly, you would get to board a fast boat, which would take you through the genuine horizontal waterfalls tours and will help you through your lunch with the barbeque in the open and natural surroundings. The trip will include time for you to swim in these pure waters. The first-time visitor to these parts will be thrilled beyond expectations. Some feel the fast boat ride will make their hearts beat faster. There will be moments when they will be simply overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the atmosphere soaked in nature and with unpolluted bluish waters all around.

You can check on the costs and get a few friends to join to make it even more exciting than you would have ever bargained for. Those who had been here before would want to come again as soon as they can make it. Hence, get the best out of your trip and tell others about it.  Try with kimberley aviation.

Rest and relaxation in Gladstone’s Reef Fishing

Australia may be well-known for the classic Opera House and the exciting fireworks extravaganza and parties by Sydney Harbour during New Years, but one underrated activity might just give you the relaxation and enjoyment you need during a break—reef fishing. The reef charter Gladstone has these days can provide some exceptional fishing services like off-shore fishing and snorkeling. If you are in for some fun, just schedule a fishing trip that the Gladstone reef charter companies offer these days so you can take a break from the cliché summer activities and go on a fun but relaxing fishing trip.


reef charter gladstone


If you are already familiar with fishing, you should know that that’s not the end of it. A cheap reef charter Gladstone companies offer these days might just take you for a ride you wouldn’t imagine.

What You Can Expect

There are many types of services that a reef charter Gladstone fishing company can offer. But one thing’s for sure—licensed operators, crews, and captains will accompany you in your adventure, especially if you’re completely new to fishing. It’s part of their services to join your fishing activity to teach you and to secure your safety, as well. What’s more interesting is they will give you two options about your catch—you can either take them home or return them to the sea. In some services, they can even de-bone the fish for you.

Reef Fishing

To give a quick example, let’s look at Night Crossing Fishing Adventures. Their fishing trips specialise in offshore reef fishing charters. However, they fish from above the water only in areas such as Swain Reefs and Saumarez Reefs, about 120nm offshore during Fridays at 3 pm. Scuba diving and spear fishing are not allowed, for safety purposes. But you can still enjoy snorkelling, though.

Meanwhile, you can also fish along the gorgeous Shoal Water Bay area and the isolated Island Head Creek, which is perfect for Crabbing. There’s also the Coral Sea Reef fishing along the Marion and Wreck reefs. See more here Night Crossing Fishing Adventures


In terms of the time and schedules, a fishing trip in a reef charter Gladstone has these days is quite flexible. Because it’s a chartered boat, the place is all yours—no competition with other tourists and families for those Instagram shots and cautiousness during intimate moments. Moreover, you can carry your choice of drinks, snacks, and potable water. But in case you forget so, the reef charter company sells some in their bars. As for activities, charter operators are usually chill with anything as long as you adhere to the restrictions.

As for the boats, well you don’t need to worry about that since they are fully equipped with the tools, the baits, and safety gears. An experienced team trained in first-aid will also be manning the boats to be with your family during the trip. Just remember that if you land a heavy catch, you might have to reach an agreement before lifting it through the rail mounted winches.

Don’t settle for a mediocre kind of fun—dust those hands and try angling for some big catch. Fortunately, a company that specialises in reef charter in Gladstone, such as Night Crossing Fishing Adventures, might just take you for the fishing trip of your life. Visit http://www.nightcrossing.com.au/reef-charter-gladstone/

4 Must-Visit Theme Parks in Victoria

Victoria is one of the most popular and frequented states for tourists in Australia. This is where you will find Melbourne and several other popular tourist attractions like the Great Ocean Road, The Twelve Apostles, and the Royal Botanic Gardens. If you are visiting Victoria with your family, especially kids, checking out one of many theme parks Victoria has to offer is a good decision. There are also a wide range of options when it comes to the different theme parks to choose from that will determine what activities you can do with your family.


theme parks victoria


Below are the 4 must-visit Victoria theme parks that you should add to your itinerary: 


Geelong Adventure Park


Geelong Adventure Park is not only one of the most popular theme parks in Victoria, it is also the largest water theme park in the state. There are many attractions and rides to choose from at Geelong Adventure Park that include water playgrounds and water slides. There is also a 27-meter high Ferris wheel at the park. It is located in Wallington in Victoria and has 21 rides in total. Out of the 21 rides, 6 are water rides. It is open from October to April.


Otway Fly Treetop Adventures


If you are looking for something more adventurous, then you need to take your family to Otway Fly Treetop Adventures in Melbourne. This unique and eco-wilderness park takes you to an adventure unlike anything you have experienced before. Some of the activities that you can enjoy within the park include treetop walk, zipline tour, and rainforest ranger trails, among other things.


Wonderland Fun Park


If you are traveling to Melbourne with your little kids, you need to stop at one of the most fun theme parks Victoria has today: Wonderland Fun Park. The name itself is quite promising; you can expect a lot of fun and wholesome activities to do with your kids. You can make them ride the Grand Carousel, the Pirate Ship or the Dodgem Cars. For older kids, you can let them enjoy exciting rides like the Drop Zone or the Crazy Wave!


Fairy Park


If you cannot make it to Disneyland, you will find another theme park that will give you that same vibe and it is located in Victoria, Australia. The park in question is called Fairy Park. True to its name, you will be able to take your kids to a place that is inspired by fairy tales, legends and ancient myths. The park is one hour from Melbourne and offers a host of fun attractions for kids including the Camelot Playground, Fairytale Land and the Elephant Rock Picnic Grounds.


The theme parks Victoria has today named here are only the best. If you like to explore other parks that are not as popular, aka without a heavy crowd, feel free to explore. One of those you need to consider is Billabong Ranch Adventure Park. You can learn more about what this theme park has to offer and what makes it among the best theme parks in Victoria here: http://www.billabongranch.com.au/kids-theme-parks-victoria.